Monday, June 22, 2009

New Pictures from this summer:

My Jonas has turned 8 months old! Wow, time has just flown by. He is quite the crawler and is also pulling himself up and taking one step off furniture. We are hoping to have a walker soon! (Who am I kidding, we don't need another walker). We are loving seeing our little boy grown and change before our eyes. Jonas is wearing his daddy's football number,45, and his daddy's favorite color, green in this picture!

This is my Josalyn on her 20 month birthday! She has become quite the fish and swims only with arm wings. Our goal by the end of summer is to have her learn to swim on her own. Her Grandma bought her her VERY OWN goldfish, but, sadly, after only being friends for mere hours Da dooooo passed away suddenly. She took it like a tropper, however. That my Josalyn.

I can honestly say I am happy. I (loove) my (irish) twins!

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  1. I really enjoy your blog! You Irish twins are adorable. I have a lovely blog award for you if youd like to stop by and accept it!