Monday, June 22, 2009

New Pictures from this summer:

My Jonas has turned 8 months old! Wow, time has just flown by. He is quite the crawler and is also pulling himself up and taking one step off furniture. We are hoping to have a walker soon! (Who am I kidding, we don't need another walker). We are loving seeing our little boy grown and change before our eyes. Jonas is wearing his daddy's football number,45, and his daddy's favorite color, green in this picture!

This is my Josalyn on her 20 month birthday! She has become quite the fish and swims only with arm wings. Our goal by the end of summer is to have her learn to swim on her own. Her Grandma bought her her VERY OWN goldfish, but, sadly, after only being friends for mere hours Da dooooo passed away suddenly. She took it like a tropper, however. That my Josalyn.

I can honestly say I am happy. I (loove) my (irish) twins!

Jon and Kate Plus Eight Divorce

I know this seems stupid but I am so sad to hear this news. I really loved this family in the beginning and I have seen the effects of fame and fortune that has destroyed this family. I know now why God says,

"For the love of money is the root of all evil."

Many people twist these words to say that "Money is the root of all evil," and the one word in the middle, LOVE, changes the whole meaning of the verse.

Money can do great things. My sister, Joy Hester, and her husband, Josh, are the pastors at Vision Ministries ( . And they do wonderful things with money. Just this past weekend they had a huge block party where they gave away food boxes to families on the South End of Toledo, Ohio. Each and every Sunday morning they serve breakfast to anyone who comes to dine, and also on Wednesday and Monday nights. Partnered with Cedar Creek, , they are reaching many lives that would not have been reached by normal means. Many people do not feel welcome in churches during a normal service for various reason, but by providing meals for families we can minister to peoples lives who, normally, we would pass by without a glance. (If you are interested in donating to Vision Ministries or serving, visit the website or call during office hours.)

(Back to Jon and Kate Plus 8)

I have watched over the years as a loving family turned into a pawn in the hands of TLC, who dangled money in front of this families faces as if they were a Dog asking for a steak. They took a family who had been forced to rely fulling on God as their provision, and gave them the security they needed financially, but they lost their soul in process. They lost what had grounded them, their family, and their faith. Will you join me today to pray for Jon and Kate and their eight????

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Bed!

Josalyn is sleeping in her toddler bed for the first time tonight.

We are so spontaneous.

Jon and I had the kids in the bath and I say, "Josalyn, would you like to sleep in a big girl bed tonight?" And, of coarse, she says, "Yes!"

So, what does my hubby do? He goes ahead and ripes off my babies wall of protection! And I thought for sure we would hear her out of bed and playing with toys but NOPE! She went right to sleep around 9:30pm and it is now 11:30pm and I haven't heard a peep. I am so sad! My little girl is growing.

On other fronts, we seem to be losing the bottle fight. We have literally taken this kid off the bottle 7 times already, only to have her get back on in a month when she gets sick (usually her Asthma). The thing is, she only uses a bottle to go to sleep at night and for a nap. It's how she puts herself to sleep (so I don't have to do it). Well I don't think she can breath well enough to suck out of a sippy when she is sick. But, Alas, as soon as she gets used to her new bed we will be starting all over again.

Wish we Luck (Blessings)!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hmmm... Life has been so busy with the Summer starting. My husband and I got season passes to Cedar Point (it's a pretty big Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio) and we took Josalyn this past week. She Loved It! I was so proud of her she rode every single ride she could (and some that we kind of snuck her on...).

Of coarse we forgot the camera!!!!

Jonas my little bug has started crawling around the whole house. I mean, he is quick. I have been calling him cochraoch because he kind of scampers around very quickly.
He continues to be very needy even though he has gained his independance through crawling. He likes you to watch him and be on the floor with him, but he is such a sweetie it is hard to say NO!

Josalyn is pretty sick right now. Her asthma is getting the best of her. We took her to the doctor yeterday and her pulse oxygen level was only 94 with wide open albuterol. She is currently on Orapred (an oral steroid) and having breathing treatments every two hours. We go in for a re-check tomorrow to find out wether to steroids are working. Hopefully they are otherwise i'm not sure what the plan will be beyond steroids. If her pulse ox goes down below 92 they will put her on oxygen and place her in the hospital. I am hoping for the best.

Sorry this post has no pictures i can't find out upload cord!