Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hmmm... Life has been so busy with the Summer starting. My husband and I got season passes to Cedar Point (it's a pretty big Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio) and we took Josalyn this past week. She Loved It! I was so proud of her she rode every single ride she could (and some that we kind of snuck her on...).

Of coarse we forgot the camera!!!!

Jonas my little bug has started crawling around the whole house. I mean, he is quick. I have been calling him cochraoch because he kind of scampers around very quickly.
He continues to be very needy even though he has gained his independance through crawling. He likes you to watch him and be on the floor with him, but he is such a sweetie it is hard to say NO!

Josalyn is pretty sick right now. Her asthma is getting the best of her. We took her to the doctor yeterday and her pulse oxygen level was only 94 with wide open albuterol. She is currently on Orapred (an oral steroid) and having breathing treatments every two hours. We go in for a re-check tomorrow to find out wether to steroids are working. Hopefully they are otherwise i'm not sure what the plan will be beyond steroids. If her pulse ox goes down below 92 they will put her on oxygen and place her in the hospital. I am hoping for the best.

Sorry this post has no pictures i can't find out upload cord!


  1. Oh hope your little girl Josalyn feels better and does better for you :( Your iTwins are ADORABLE...how old are they? (Jocelyn {sp a little differently} is my full first name too!)

  2. Wow, I had no idea! Josalyn is Almost 20 months and Jonas just turned 8 months! I am new to blogging but i LOVE your blog. That is so funny about your names! I tried to spell her name so people would say it right!