Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dentist + Sick baby = not as bad as you would think

So we went to the dentist today. It honestly wasn't that bad. Josalyn cried a little, but she doesn't feel very good today and doesn't seem to want to be messed with. She is already sleeping (we woke her up at 9:45am) so i know she can't feel well. She coughed all night last night and she is doing at least 4 breathing treatments a day.

Random side note: It just started to hail!

They gave her a toothbrush and two Dora stickers, they did a fluoride treatment and then we were done! The dentist said she has perfect teeth! No cavities or anything! He was glad she already off the bottle, (me too!) and said that they like to see kids of the paci before the age of 3. I am hoping to get her off the paci this summer.

It's going to be interesting because that's what she uses to go to sleep. She always has since a very young age slept with her paci in her mouth and has never fallen asleep without it (except in the car). My game plan is to maybe take it away when we switch to a toddler bed! (when she turns two). I am hoping she will be sooo exhausted from playing this summer that she will just fall asleep without it and without very many tears. Hey, a girl can hope, can't she!

Fortunately, Jonas has never taken a paci!

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  1. Good luck with the paci! I am trying to cut down when they can use it to phase it out. It is supposed to be only for bed! Sometimes that works! Others, well not so much! They are both so attached to it! I'm glad the dentist went well. Evie has bottle rot starting from the bottle, and has to have work done in a couple weeks!